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 Nobody is perfect
Recently around me, I have see a lot of different things happen. I personally feel that its okay for us to make mistake because we are human ain't nobody is perfect. Some people just have to learn through the hard way...just like me!?? this is what I realize over a period of time. Our mindset the the most important things. because this is what actually controlling how the way we think. If you always having negative mindset then whatever things you do will always be thinking on the negative result etc, I mean like what making you life difficult. When you life is in your hand, and you are the one whole have fully control.

Yes. I admit I did quarrel with people too around a month ago. this is because of my mindset. I understand how much I care. So there is a point of time when I really care too much for one person and getting overboard.. pushing you to a limit where things will start to change because everyone need to have their own space. No one like to be control. & I feel that my mindset is not mature enough. even until now!? but I'm trying to learn day by day. taking little step by step. always remind myself to have a positive mindset is very important and don't worry for the things that is not within my control because its a waste of time instead making me overthink affect my mood. 

Nobody have any idea of what will happen next. So don't worry too much. Why not just make use of the time what we are suppose to do.    

In order for things to work/happen you need two hand to clap.   

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Spent my weekend with positive people. I’m glad that I have being recognized as “Supervisor” A level higher to building my future and helping more people to get healthier and more active! I believe everyone deserve a chance to life better, the life that you want, nothing is impossible. No excuses, work hard and result will belong to yours:)

“I love how Speaker Gavin inspired others and share his experience, knowledge. Because his life is just so typical as normal person. He decided to change to fulfill his promise to wife and his dream. All his hard work pay off just during 6 year. He's so amazing

Nothing is free, nothing is easy, I need to keep this momentum in me. Make this become part of my habit.
I'm from XL Size (actually more extra extra) recently I notice that my clothes size all have become too big for me. I need to send it for alteration, guess what lucky my mom is a tailor. I save alot of cost in this case. && when I go for shopping for clothes now I try taking M size and does fit me. Of course I'm so happy:) My gain back my health, energy and of being course good looking at the same time. Seriously nothing can express how much 
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I’m so not happy recently.. I basically just hate it. When all I need is to talk to the right person. I just need the right person to listen, advise me what to do. I really don’t wish much. I guess I’m the mostly stupid person ever. But I’m just being myself unless….. I remember this don’t feel sorry for being real.      
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First of all “Happy Mother’s Day” to my beloved mummy and of course goes to the others too. I bought that flower above picture for my mom. Nice right? Curious? Why I didn’t buy those “mother’s day” flower instead I bought this. The reason is because this was my mom favourite flower of all.. So why not get something she like instead of just getting the other just to fit in the occasion. This was also the flower that my dad always uses to get for her in the past:)

Thanks my mom for take care of me over the years. She always nag me a lot because of my all sort of bad habit. but saying the truth, I wouldn’t get used to it one day she doesn’t nag at me anymore. That show how important she means to me. Although sometimes I don’t really show. Thanks for working hard for the house just to able to
give me whatever I want, to keep me satisfy:) treatingmelikeprincess

If by getting any gift I believe is not how expensive what the gift was.. is all the sincere, the heart. No matter what, at least by showing how much we appreciate them, they will also be happy. Even is also a simple “Happy Mother’s Day, thanks!” can be sweet. There is none of parents don’t love their own kids/child. The reason why somethings they are nagging is also because they care. If not why they even bother to spend so much time. Sometimes they are just not good at expressing themselves showing how much they love their own kids/child. Always remember day by day as we grow older, they grow older too. Treat them as how you want your future kids/child to treat you the same way back. I believe everything you did will always be a cycle.

Lastly, I apologise because for the past week I kind of being mia.. ignoring people message because of bad days:/ I ignore because I don’t really have the mood. Thanks for understand..  I will be alright after awhile. It’s always the same I’ve be this way.    

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Last Thursday(30april), I have no idea what happen to my eye very red should be cause by my contact lens. At first I get so worry because is during my lesson time, I don’t have any eyedrop anything. I decided to told me facilitate about it and he allow me get at least something to prevent my eye get worst. So I kind of went MIA in the class for a period of time. I take out one side of my lens and leave the other on because with lens I unable to see, I will feel uncomfortable, like insecure. Lucky enough instead things go worst, getting better after a period of time. I wanted to thanks two  person:)

First will be my facilitate because before I actually have bad impression with him due to some small things happen in the past. I been honestly and I told him about it. In fact he’s okay, not bad after chatting and knowing more. Thanks for accompany, concern and advise to me:)

Second will be my “boss” (temporarily only, I can fire my boss if I want anytime). Who lent me his specs because the degree is about the same. At first I thought he wouldn’t lent me as like c’mon lahh. Who will lent people specs, den how to see right. Plus long weekend due to public holiday. Yeahh. In fact he agree to lent me:) how awesome! I manage to get home. *picture on the left me with my boss specs, looking good right?;)

Lastly my friends, everyone always ask me why I wear until so nice to school. Yess! Look at the quote on top I totally agree 100%. Plus this semester will be my last semester in school my one last chance to wear nice nice. Haha. I love every single day that I able to mix and match all my clothing doing experiment, which look better on me and present myself. & I believe no girls, women don’t love to look good, pretty at all times :) 

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Look this is what I have for my lunch. Special thanks to my mommy with my love because I haven’t been eating home for quite a long time. She’s know that I will be stay at home this afternoon so decided to cook good food for me. It’s all abalone, abalone clam, mushroom etc. everything was being cook in healthy way too. That the reason why I love to have lunch at home at times.
Home Sweet Home

This is how I spend my Saturday, second STS. Yes, I believe only you see it and feel it yourself then you will believe it. That why people always don’t believe how awesome is Herbalife. It’s okay because result proves everything and making people life change. Seriously I love love love their product so much, it’s so awesome that give me all the good nutrition that my body need and of course the shape of every woman love. Hehe:) Thanks the speaker Mag from Germany for sharing her amazing story and the message from his pass on beloved husband to tell every single one of us “Because of Herbalife Product he able to live for another wonderful 19 years of life” Yes, she have inspired me and other many more. 
“This is your own life, you control them, be what/who you want”     

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I have being doing my school reflection journal about “my dream” I find it interesting so I decided to share. Here we go.

Honestly I’m not person who is good in studies. I don’t really like to study, but I have no choice as part of my education. I personally have more interest in music, design and clothes fashion etc. So I hope after I graduate from RP I able get to study or work certain job that I like because I think this important. “Do what you love; Love what you do”

After that maybe around 8-10 year later I want to have my own family. I guess that what every woman dream. Before that I don’t even dare to think about this because I’m bigger size person, confirm got a lot problems then you know like without healthy body nothing will last. But NOT now! I lose over 20plus kg, of course I look better/good and more healthy body. I'm still continue to work on this area. Yeah back to topic, I want to have my own family, my husband, my own kids. My big and small angel. The feeling I’m in my own house everything belongs to mine. Imaging the image of normal daily life, at home cook his favorite dishes waiting for my big angel back and see the little ones. How sweet is that. "Home sweet home" very heart warming. Everything just looks so simple but I love it. Basically to me, a little bit always seem a lot to me. To me happiness means keeping things as simple as it. The most easy/simple things are always being the main point to me. “Life is good keep it simple, fun and magical" So this conclude my dream :) 
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